How do I set up?

Pair with phone. Hold down the power button, the blue/red flashing light shows the device is visible. Select “BUDDS” on your device.


Hold down the power button to switch ON/OFF. When red/blue light is flashing it is ON and when light flashing it is in standby mode. For longer battery power when not in use turn off.

Is any password required?

Normally no, if requested use 0000.

Can I wear in either ear?

NO. The design is very specific for left and right to get the correct fit.

Can I see the battery level on my phone?

Some phones support this function. Watch this space!

How to get best fit

Use the interchangeable silicone ear buds of SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE that give you the tightest fit in the inner ear, twist to get the black wings to grip inside. Hooks are also to be available for extra strenuous exercise.

How do I charge them?

Use any Micro-USB charging cable (one provided) into the left ear.

Can I change volume & tracks?

Yes with the side button. Volume increase with upper button, press lower to reduce volume. To move up tracks press lower to skip tracks and upper to go back.

How to pause music/end a call

Press the power button.

Can I drive wearing them to make hands free calls?

Recommended to only use the one right ear.

What is the warranty?

12 Months from Purchase. Contact us with your problem and we offer a no quibble replacement.

How to get best sound quality

Have your phone on maximum and adjust volume up/down on the headset.

Are they waterproof?

No only sweat proof.

Can two devices listen at the same?

No only one at a time.

Can I listen to the TV/gaming PC?

All dependent on the devices Bluetooth. There are options to upgrade legacy units to Bluetooth.

What’s the battery time?

About 4-5 hours for music or talking.

What’s the charge time?

Depends on the output voltage but about 1 Hour.

How do I know when it needs charging/fully charged?

When charge is low there is a beep sound. Red light shows whilst charging via Micro-USB. When fully charged the light goes out.

What is the warranty?

12 months from purchase. Contact us with your problem and we offer a no quibble replacement if the fault is our problem.